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This resource describes techniques for learning to read.

This resource introduces students to basic pronunciation in English.

This chart gives examples of how prepositions are used in time and place phrases.


This reading explores emergent literacy in young English-language learners.

This lesson plan introduces various listening techniques.

This manual helps teachers understand how to teach pronunciation.

A large collection of resources for elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate level students. Lesson plans, class activities and teacher's guides for teaching written and spoken english. Resources are either in PDF or Word formats.

A phonogram is a letter or combination of letters that represent a sound. This resource provides a chart of the 70 phonograms in the English language and gives examples of each.

A tool for teaching English as an Additional Language while providing nutrition information.

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This resource explains how to use phonics to teach reading in English.

This article discusses the use of games in teaching vocabulary in language classrooms and describes how games can be an enjoyable part of this process. It offers nine games that can be used to teach words at different stages of the class.

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This article discusses the success of Repeated Reading (RR) within EFL classrooms, illustrating three techniques of RR that can be used to develop students’ fluency, comprehension skills, and reading self-esteem. After providing a background on the RR method, the author explains the techniques step by step and suggests activities. The techniques include classic oral repeated reading (ORR), Paired repeated reading (PRR), and Reader’s Theater (RT).

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